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I have two passions: Design and Helping others achieve their goals. My portfolio shows how I've been doing both for the last 10 years. I have achieved both objectives in the following four ways:

  • Marketing: Postcards, flyers, thank-you cards, email cards, banners, posters, t-shirts, and artwork for promotional items.
  • Website: Design, programming using (X)HTML, CSS, and Javascript, architecture, troubleshooting and UI.
  • Identity: Logos, letterhead, business cards, and signs.
  • Flash: Projects created using Adobe Flash for website intro animations and product selling tools.
Since graduating from art school in 2000, I've been working to help market my employer's and various clients' services, products, or organizations to the public through the following ways:

Marketing Materials
Using software tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, I have designed multiple posters, postcards, flyers, thank-you cards, email cards, banners, posters, t-shirts, and artwork for promotional items. In the creation of such materials, I've had experience in working with many printers, so I can talk with them to make sure that your message looks great no matter what format you want.

Website Design and Programming
As with design projects, my favorite part of producing a website is talking with the client. When we focus on the goal, design direction, target audience, and functionality, my design experience and my technical skills of using (X)HTML, CSS, and Javascript, architecture, troubleshooting and UI are combined to create their dream site.

Creating a business or organization's identity is serious business and I love taking that challenge and producing a logo, colors, stationary, and signage that will be memorable for their clientele/members.

Flash Animation
Being a musician, as well as a designer, has helped me create projects created using Adobe Flash for website intro animations. In music, notes and different instruments are layered on top of each other to create something memorable. I've successfully accomplished the same thing in taking the different layers of type, images, sound, and movement to produce Web Animations.

Other Services
Design. Helping people. Two things I have a passion for. Using my experience and skills, I've also created Customized Powerpoint Presentations, and DVD Slideshows for Weddings and Memorials. I'd love to help you if you'd like these projects done as well.

Please contact me for any questions or comments you have about how I can help you achieve your goals. Thank you for your time! I truly appreciate it.

Mail: Email: hi@conradpanganiban.info
Phone:   Phone: (916) 813-9609

HomeGain Mobile City Home Page

February 9, 2013+br304+br641+br1

HomeGain Mobile City Listings Page

February 9, 2013+br92+br680+br2

HomeGain Mobile City Detail Page

February 9, 2013+br238+br680+br3


January 2, 2010+br634+br680+br4

Homegain.com Green Page

January 2, 2010+br536+br600+br5

Homegain.com AgentView Web Portal

January 10, 2010+br600+br551+br6

Monterey County Health Department

January 15, 2010+br600+br451+br7

Tiffany and Leo's Wedding Site (1/2)

January 10, 2010+br600+br469+br8

Tiffany and Leo's Wedding Site (2/2)

January 10, 2010+br600+br469+br9


January 2, 2010+br582+br680+br10


January 2, 2010+br787+br680+br11

Kennedy/Jenks Website Redesign (1/2)

January 5, 2010+br600+br472+br12

Kennedy/Jenks Website Redesign (2/2)

January 5, 2010+br600+br472+br13

Blinded by 5

January 2, 2010+br600+br449+br14

Homegain.com: http://www.homegain.com
Homegain Mobile: http://m.homegain.com
Homegain AgentView Web Portal: http://www.homegain.com/agents
Homegain Green Page: http://green-real-estate.homegain.com
Meb Delights: http://www.mebdelights.com
Monterey County Health Department: http://www.co.monterey.ca.us/health/
Monster Desserts: http://www.uptil3.com/monsterDesserts (www.monsterdesserts.com has gone out of business, so my backup link is here.)

Wine, Art, and Music Logo

February 9, 2013+br850+br626+br15

Alisal Health Center Logo

January 2, 2010+br412+br378+br16

Alisal Health Center Logo on Building

January 2, 2010+br600+br402+br17


January 2, 2010+br301+br301+br18

SFTPAA Rondalla Project Logo

January 2, 2010+br301+br301+br19

Sinag-tala 20th Anniversary Logo

January 2, 2010+br596+br639+br20

SFTPAA Business Card

January 5, 2010+br540+br325+br21

Sacramento Fiesta Logo

January 2, 2010+br583+br586+br22

XPO Crest

January 2, 2010+br533+br600+br23

Pinoy 360 Logo Ideas

January 2, 2010+br463+br600+br24

FAYLC Conference Logo

January 2, 2010+br600+br229+br25


January 2, 2010+br600+br776+br26

Blinded by 5 Logo

January 2, 2010+br500+br250+br27

A Kind of Sad Love Story FaceBook Cover Design

February 18, 2013+br850+br315+br28

A Kind of Sad Love Story Poster Design

February 18, 2013+br444+br600+br29

A Kind of Sad Love Story Postcard Design

February 9, 2013+br850+br648+br30

Sinag-tala 2012 Poster Design

February 9, 2013+br597+br758+br31

Sinag-tala 2011 Program Cover Design

February 9, 2013+br612+br792+br32

Sinag-tala 2010 Postcard Design

February 9, 2013+br470+br656+br33

Sinag-tala Touring Ensemble T-Shirt Design

February 9, 2013+br393+br442+br34

Sinag-tala 2009 Thank You Email Card

January 2, 2010+br600+br400+br35

Sinag-tala 2009 Program Cover

January 2, 2010+br467+br604+br36

Sinag-tala 2009 Postcard

January 2, 2010+br450+br300+br37

Sinag-tala 2009 T-shirt

January 5, 2010+br520+br644+br38

Sinag-tala 2005 Postcard

January 2, 2010+br600+br408+br39

Sinag-tala 2005 Poster

January 2, 2010+br388+br600+br40

Sinag-tala 2005 Economy Flyer

January 2, 2010+br305+br405+br41

Sinag-tala 2004 Poster

January 2, 2010+br388+br600+br42

Sinag-tala 2004 Postcard

January 2, 2010+br600+br408+br43

Rondalla Project Flyer

January 2, 2010+br424+br600+br44

Sepia Reservations Postcard

January 2, 2010+br600+br425+br45

FCSV 5k Fun Run/Walk Flyer

January 2, 2010+br388+br600+br46

Monterey County Health Dept. Promotional Items

January 2, 2010+br600+br402+br47

APL Song Flyer

January 2, 2010+br600+br451+br48

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